Family Group Conference

NetCare are a leading independent training and consultancy organisation for Family Group Conference in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland. We are now the largest provider of accredited courses for Family Group Conference


According to research Family Group Conference is the most effective family support process that is currently available within social care services. Independent research by Sheffield and Nottingham Universities in 2015 has shown that when family networks are supported to come together using Family Group Conference they can provide stronger and more sustainable support and protection plans than statutory interventions such as Child Protection Case Conferences.

Our Achievements

In the past 20 years Netcare have worked with some of the most dynamic health and social care teams and practitioners in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland.  We have supported services to improve the quality of service delivery, enhancing the workforce competency and deliver more effective systems and processes.

  • Netcare have sustained working relationships with many of the health and social care projects and individual practitioners for over 20 years.
  • Netcare were the first organisation in the Europe to develop accredited Family Group Conference training.
  • Netcare training has been considered best practice with an average score rating of 98% for excellent training     
  • Many of the projects Netcare have worked with have won local best practice Social Care awards.  Barking and Dagenham and Devon FGC Plus have both gone on to win the National Social Work Awards for best Social Care Team


Family Group Conference Training

All our training programmes have been co-designed and co-produced by those with lived experience. We offer national accreditation at level 2 and 3 to meet the different complacency requirements of the service and participants.

Topics covered in the three-day training include:

  • The value, ethos and philosophy of Family Group Conference
  • Developing a working knowledge of FGCs
  • Preparing families for a FGC
  • Managing a family meeting and the process that follows
  • Use of Genograms, Eco Maps, Support Network Wheel
  • Recognising the complexities of family led decision-making
  • Managing the complexities and conflicts in families
  • Understanding the role of other professionals in the process
  • Understanding the issues involved in supporting Children's participation
  • Exploring blame, shame and belonging in the family dynamic

Materials And Support Provided

A 70-page training manual and additional handouts are provided for each participant.  Telephone/email/video support is offered to each participant for the first conference by experienced practitioners/trainers.

"Truly inspirational and extremely valuable training. I have taken so much away from these three days both on a personal level and most certainly on a professional level". D.C - Advance FGC training 

" A fantastic 3 days - so valuable to have the opportunity to collaborate, share and reflect". F.M - Advanced FGC training 
"I would just like to say thank you for three days’ of great training! So helpful to re-visit and refresh some skills, but brilliant to learn some new skills and resources too. You delivered the course with great humour and made it thoroughly enjoyable, as did our colleagues. It was an absolute pleasure to take part". N.W - Advanced FGC training