Restorative Practices

NetCare have been at the forefront of Restorative Practices for almost 20 years. We have introduced the processes into schools, communities, the workplace and with parents and families.  More recently we have been working with Child and Family Services to support Social Workers deal more effectively with families in conflict.

Our Restorative Social Work Course© is the only course to have been written specifically for Social Care Workers by Social Care Workers and is considered to be best practice. We have also introduced Restorative Mediation Practices© a training programme that merges restorative practices with mediation techniques and skills.

Netcare have assisted organisations, neighbourhoods and communities to develop more effective processes, programmes and systems to improve the quality of service delivery through consultation, training and service evaluation.

Netcare offers the following range of Restorative Practices training courses at OCN level 2 & 3

  • Restorative Practices in Social Work and Social Care settings©
  • Restorative Parenting© - Training for Trainers
  • Restorative Mediation© - Skills Practice
  • Restorative practices for Family Group Conference co-ordinators
  • Introduction to Restorative Practices
  • Restorative Approaches – Universal and Practice Approaches
  • Restorative Conference Facilitator Skills
  • Restorative Circles


These courses can range from One to five days depending on the skill set needed

Most courses come with an accreditation (optional), OCN level 2 and 3

We Cover

  • The value, ethos and philosophy of Restorative Approaches
  • Developing a working knowledge of the processes used
  • Language, techniques and resolutions
  • Preparation for intervention
  • Working with shame, vulnerability and recovery
  • Managing defensive listening
  • Recognising the complexities of conflict led relationships
  • Understanding the role of other professionals in the meeting
  • Understanding the issues involved in supporting children’s’ participation

Materials And Support

A 70-page training manual, additional handouts as needed and 4 week telephone/email/video support post training.