NetCare provide bespoke Mediation Training for work force development for a range of private and public sector organisations.

Mediation Training is an invaluable asset in conflict resolution situations, and those who are skilled in mediation utilise their understanding of human interactions and motivations to achieve solutions and successful negotiations. 

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) have recently endorsed both Mediation and Family Group Conference when working to safeguard vulnerable adults, children and families. On their website they say:

Training Courses Include:

  • Child Focused Mediation in family breakdown
  • Mediation in Social Work and Social Care settings© - Skills Practice
  • Mediation and Negotiating Skills  
  • Restorative Mediation© - Skills Practice
  • Handling workplace disputes – Skills Practice 


These courses can range from One to five days depending on the skill set needed

All the 3 to 5 courses come with a national accreditation award (optional), OCN, level 2 and 3

Mediation Training Courses Cover The Following Topics:

  • Our relationship with and response to conflict, difference and ambiguity
  • The dynamics of interpersonal conflict
  • Conflict mapping
  • Bringing the voice of the child into the mediation
  • Preparation, preparation, preparation
  • Working with power imbalance and resistance
  • Working with intractable differences
  • De-escalating language and actions 

Materials Include:

A full range of handouts and telephone/email/video support post training for the first mediation. 

*All NetCare training is informed by policy and best practice guidelines of the College of Mediators UK and the Mediation Institute of Ireland.