Unlocking Potential

Our brain is made up of thousands of memory banks, storing 100’s of thousand experiences. Some memories are surface, others are buried deep in our subconscious. As young people we learned through play, colours, imagination, touch but as we got older we were told that, “the world doesn’t work that way!” We were discouraged from being creative. Creative learning was replaced for linear learning. Blocks, animation, play etc were replaced by numbers in rows, black letters in lines on white pages, we were to sit still when learning. The creative side of our brain is suppressed in favour of the right-hand side, the logical, functional, methodical, fact driven side.

The Unlocking Potential programmes reignite the creative side of our brain to view the world we thought we knew in a more creative way. Logical thoughts become random! Rational, holistic. Objective, subjective. Ordered perception to spatial perception. Our word and language are viewed as symbols and images. The images unlock the creative side of the brain, complementing the academic side and so assisting in greater potential for individuals, groups and organisations to think differently to what they have been conditioned to so.      

Creative Conversation Cards

Netcare have developed a pack of creative conversation cards.  This pack of 72 cards can be used in a whole variety of ways to trigger new and dynamic thoughts and generate new perspectives. Coaching, training, counselling, team building and direct work with children and families, if you want to develop a deepen narrative with individuals and groups, these cards will help and assist you in that goal.

Creative Facilitation Training And Team Building

Fed up with building towers with newspapers? Passing a ball of wool around the group? Using Ice Breakers that melt your head? Our two-day Facilitation for Facilitators training is what you need. NetCare have 20yrs experience working with groups in different contexts, their exercises are designed to be fun but meaningful. They are flexible and can be used in most contexts.

Training includes a pack of training materials and an instruction manual for each participant.

Creative Problem Solving

Using time tested and evaluated processes NetCare offer training to individuals and organisations on how to problem solve as a collaborative work force. The processes and skills learned can be used in house or with your client group. In group and individual supervision.

Creative Team Building

Build a team with values that reflect your organisation leadership. With a combined 40yrs experience in leadership roles, our trainers will introduce staff to the importance of value led service delivery, be that with a Service user group or between staff members.

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