Family Group Conference


Family Group Conference Training


  • NetCare have been at the forefront of creative and innovative practices training for over 20 years be at that at entry level or advanced. We ensure bespoke and organisational led input to the training 
  • All our training programmes have been co-designed and co-produced by those with lived experience.
  • We offer national accreditation at level 2 and 3 to meet the different complacency requirements of the service and participants.
  • A 70-page training manual and additional handouts are provided for each participant. 
  • Telephone/email/video support is offered to each participant for the first conference by experienced practitioners/trainers.


"I wanted to say ‘thank you’ so much for the amazing three days training. You have inspired me and I found the training motivational. I must say I have been able to take onboard a lot of new ideas and will feed these back to our team. I have already mentioned to our manager about the benefits of whole team training. You’re an asset to the FGC world!! I feel privileged to have worked with you". S.B - Advanced FGC course



Reimagining child welfare outcomes: Learning from Family Group Conferencing 2020

Australian born Dr Mary Mitchel completed her PHD in 2020 on the use of Family Group Conference in Edinburgh and the use of Recognition theory as a main tool to engage and develop self-belief within families. It also argues for a more nuanced understanding of outcomes in child welfare this article begins exploring and challenging the way outcomes are identified and valued in child welfare.